Which Is Better? Amplification vs. Applause

If you don’t like my pictures on the gram, we can’t be friends! Maybe my Gen X and above readers won’t understand this, but likes have become such a big deal to people that it ruins actual friendships and relationships. I dated a guy in college who always liked my pictures prior to dating me, […]

Start Using Hashtags on Instagram!

I’m over it. I’m entirely over it. Too many brands are failing to follow this major key to instagram success. If you’re building an account, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using hashtags in your captions! Save the excuses. There is simply too much research out there that shows how effective using […]

The Power of Valuable Content

Everyone wants to be heard on the internet these days. From tweets to blog posts, we are all looking for a spot in this world to attract an audience and build a successful brand. We’ve seen accounts explode from meaningless content only to later learn that the likes and followers had been bought. For years, […]

4 Steps to Collaborating with Brands for Marketing Success

It is true that it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to build a brand. You need your followers and brand warriors, but you can’t overlook the power of collaborating with brands who have a lot in common with you. So how do you take the steps to […]

Stop Being Racist: My Thoughts on Insensitive Advertising ft. Dove and H&M

Referring to a Black person as a monkey is racist, right? If you answered that question out loud or in your head you probably said “duh”. While the concept seems obvious enough for us to grasp, global retailer H&M didn’t get the memo. Apparently, their marketing team thought that the picture below was appropriate to […]

Advertising on a Budget

If you’re like me, you can be cheap when it comes to things that aren’t a sure thing. Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur paying for advertising can be a scary thing. I recently thought about promoting my Twitter chat via Facebook and the $9 total really had me contemplating my decision. Granted $9 isn’t […]

Why You Should Join a Twitter Chat

During my college days, my professor and advisor was very instrumental in my rise on social media. He insisted that I tweet throughout the day and engage with fellow marketers and communicators. I stumbled upon Madalyn Sklar’s twitter account one day. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! Her timeline was filled with tips […]

How You’re Ruining Your Brand on LinkedIn

I am beyond over the lack of LinkedIn etiquette in my community, you guys! I log in every day to interact with my LinkedIn community and it never fails that I see content that should not be on the site. LinkedIn is supposed to be a place for professionals to network with other individuals in […]

How to Promote Your Podcast

I wrote a post on how podcasting can boost your brand months ago. After conducting more research on the art of podcasting, I decided to create my own show and entertain my audience on another platform. . . you know, put this good ol’ communications degree to work! I am currently in the production stages […]

What You Should Be Doing on #LinkedIn Now!

We all have a LinkedIn profile right? Wrong! There are so many professionals without LinkedIn profiles. If you fall into that category, what are you doing? Get a LinkedIn account today. If you need help setting things up you can always contact me for a free LinkedIn consultation (I’m kind of a LinkedIn expert)! So, […]