3 Ways to Build Employee Trust Through Internal Communications

Transparency is a big deal. I remember my first relationship in high school ended because my boyfriend at the time failed to tell me that he attended a party with his ex one weekend. Just like holding information back from a significant other can be detrimental, not being open and honest with employees has the [...]

Outsourcing From Hell: 5 Ways for MarCom Teams to Get the Best ROI

We're all familiar with outsourcing. Regardless of what industry you're in, you've probably had some experience with contracting work with an outside group. In marketing, it is common for teams to get assistance from videographers, designers, web developers, etc. to push forward with marketing initiatives. Working with outside groups can be a great thing, but [...]

3 Reasons Why Only Your Marketing Team Should Write Content (A #HigherEdMarketing perspective)

DISCLAIMER: WHILE I HAVE WITNESSED AND EXPERIENCED THE FOLLOWING SITUATIONS IN MY CAREER, THIS POST IS SIMPLY TO EDUCATE AND PROMPT A DISCUSSION AMONG MY COMMUNICATIONS PEERS AND HIGHER EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS. I know you don't like the title. Higher education administrators, I'm talking to you.  I talk with my CEO mentors, marketing professors, and colleagues [...]

Companies Need More Black Leaders in Marketing

How can companies effectively tell the story of Black people across the globe and market to that demographic in a respectful way? It starts with the leadership. From the C-Suite down, it is imperative that color is implemented on the employment roster. It is not enough to have one Black marketer who is not a [...]

Why All Marketing and Communications Majors Need Cultural Studies Courses

Marketing and communications teams at companies across the globe are not all black. After doing some research myself, I noticed that a lot of firms might have an asian or a middle eastern person, but no color. This means that non-black individuals are often charged with telling the story of someone who doesn't look like [...]

From Aunt Jemima to Annie from Louisiana: A Look at Black Women in Advertising

The month of February is a historic month known for the widespread of information on people of the African diaspora. This is my 22nd Black History Month and it amazes me that every year brings new stories and facts on my culture. As a marketing professional, I've had the chance to study the tactics of [...]

4 Steps to Collaborating with Brands for Marketing Success

It is true that it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to build a brand. You need your followers and brand warriors, but you can't overlook the power of collaborating with brands who have a lot in common with you. So how do you take the steps to [...]

Stop Being Racist: My Thoughts on Insensitive Advertising ft. Dove and H&M

Referring to a Black person as a monkey is racist, right? If you answered that question out loud or in your head you probably said "duh". While the concept seems obvious enough for us to grasp, global retailer H&M didn't get the memo. Apparently, their marketing team thought that the picture below was appropriate to [...]