5 Things I Learned From My Mentors

I look back on my college and entry-level days with a lot of appreciation for my experiences with impactful people. From my academic mentor to my internship supervisors, I’ve gained a tremendous wealth of knowledge that has continued to serve me well in both my personal and professional lives. What separates the successful folks from […]

Your First Job is Practice – Advice for December Grads

It’s that time of year again! You’re preparing for December commencement. I had the experience of graduating in spring, so my job search experience was short and sweet. As you gear up for the holiday season remember that Sallie Mae waits on no one. Getting employed after college is a major thing, so I don’t […]

Why All Marketing and Communications Majors Need Cultural Studies Courses

Marketing and communications teams at companies across the globe are not all black. After doing some research myself, I noticed that a lot of firms might have an asian or a middle eastern person, but no color. This means that non-black individuals are often charged with telling the story of someone who doesn’t look like […]

Why You Should Join a Twitter Chat

During my college days, my professor and advisor was very instrumental in my rise on social media. He insisted that I tweet throughout the day and engage with fellow marketers and communicators. I stumbled upon Madalyn Sklar’s twitter account one day. I felt like I had hit the jackpot! Her timeline was filled with tips […]

How to Brand Yourself for Employment

If you haven’t downloaded my eBook guide, you should do so immediately if you are a college student preparing to dive into the job market soon. If you are a recent grad, the advice is still helpful as well. The tips and advice in the guide are things that I personally did to land the […]

How to Start a Professional Portfolio in College

The fall semester is kicking off very shortly. It is easy to lose focus of the bigger picture when you’re juggling classes, partying, and participating in the things you love. You cannot afford to forget the real reason you are in college! Getting a job after college is not easy. The only way to obtain […]

You’ve Earned Your Degree… Now what?

I had a conversation with a close friend recently about the job market and how to land a job out of college. Like some of you, he has a degree with no full-time professional experience to supplement his education. It’s been tough for him to get a job and it’s easy to understand why. You […]

How I Became a Marketing Consultant

I absolutely love marketing and social media. If it has anything to do with communications, I’m down! I started writing short stories when I was 7 years old. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing and my voice has truly developed over the years. In fact, I’m working on an e-book guide right now. I developed […]

How to ACE Your First Year of College

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely entering your freshman year of college. Congratulations on your new journey! College is such an exciting, yet critical time. I remember back to the summer before I entered freshman year. I read books on how to succeed as a college student. I was determined to excel… and […]