How Your Brand Can Support the Anti-Racism Movement

Many businesses and brands participated in #BlackoutTuesday on June 2, 2020. This marked a moment of solidarity across the globe on social media and digital platforms. As this moment of silence is regarded as solidarity, silence outside of this digital protest is beyond inappropriate. This is especially the case for brands with Black audiences. If […]

How to Use Buffer and HootSuite to Gain Followers

I get it. You’re busy. Posting quality content on a consistent basis can be a time consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. What if I told you that you can have the social media feed of your dreams just by using one tool? Scheduling tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are the most effective […]

Which Is Better? Amplification vs. Applause

If you don’t like my pictures on the gram, we can’t be friends! Maybe my Gen X and above readers won’t understand this, but likes have become such a big deal to people that it ruins actual friendships and relationships. I dated a guy in college who always liked my pictures prior to dating me, […]

Start Using Hashtags on Instagram!

I’m over it. I’m entirely over it. Too many brands are failing to follow this major key to instagram success. If you’re building an account, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using hashtags in your captions! Save the excuses. There is simply too much research out there that shows how effective using […]

The Power of Valuable Content

Everyone wants to be heard on the internet these days. From tweets to blog posts, we are all looking for a spot in this world to attract an audience and build a successful brand. We’ve seen accounts explode from meaningless content only to later learn that the likes and followers had been bought. For years, […]

How to Network in the DM

I am a major fan of LinkedIn. It is one of the most underrated social media platforms out there. When it comes to your career, LinkedIn can give you the edge you need to land a new job, or help someone else achieve their professional goals. One of the ways I’ve taken advantage of the […]

4 Steps to Collaborating with Brands for Marketing Success

It is true that it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to build a brand. You need your followers and brand warriors, but you can’t overlook the power of collaborating with brands who have a lot in common with you. So how do you take the steps to […]

Stop Being Racist: My Thoughts on Insensitive Advertising ft. Dove and H&M

Referring to a Black person as a monkey is racist, right? If you answered that question out loud or in your head you probably said “duh”. While the concept seems obvious enough for us to grasp, global retailer H&M didn’t get the memo. Apparently, their marketing team thought that the picture below was appropriate to […]

5 Ways to Stop Being Basic on LinkedIn

At this point, everyone in America with at least one ounce of work experience has a LinkedIn profile. We’re all so excited to showcase our skills and awesome connections to the world. Though we’re all racing to join the 500+ crew, basic men and women aren’t going to give us what we need for a […]