The Power of Valuable Content

Everyone wants to be heard on the internet these days. From tweets to blog posts, we are all looking for a spot in this world to attract an audience and build a successful brand. We’ve seen accounts explode from meaningless content only to later learn that the likes and followers had been bought. For years, […]

My Content Creation Routine

I’m a writer by day and by night. My professional job is all about content creation and obviously I create content for my blog, upcoming podcast, Twitter chat, you get the picture. People wonder if I get tired of writing or if I run out of things to talk about. I never get tired of […]

How to Handle Negative Public Relations

Before my upperclass-woman days, I thought I wanted to pursue a career in public relations. It wasn’t until my junior year that I started to fall in love with the fields of marketing and business. Public relations can make or break your brand. United Airlines broke a man’s guitar and now millions of people across […]

How to Remedy Content Creator’s Block

Being a content creator, I am tasked with brainstorming relevant content to post each day. In order to be a successful brand, it is vital that your social media accounts are consistently active with content. This often means tweeting a minimum of 5 tweets per day, posting 3x a day on Instagram, and perhaps a […]