I wrote a post on how podcasting can boost your brand months ago. After conducting more research on the art of podcasting, I decided to create my own show and entertain my audience on another platform. . . you know, put this good ol’ communications degree to work! I am currently in the production stages and my show is set to launch this winter. This gives me a decent amount of time for promotion.

If podcasting is on your agenda, I suggest creating social media accounts to begin the relationship building stage. Some people might feel that promoting before a show launch isn’t effective. I disagree with that. For one, establishing social media accounts for your upcoming project is a great idea. I’m a huge fan of Foundr magazine. CEO of Foundr Nathan Chan is not shy about the fact that he created social media accounts and established a following for the magazine pre-launch.

It is a great idea to get the conversation started and keep the conversation going. Engagement is the key in promoting your show and building a fan base. Whether you’re podcasting for fun, or you want to get your story out to the masses, it is also a great idea to collaborate for promotion. Have some influencers on the show. They can promote the interview from your podcast on their accounts. Social media buzz is the free way to get your channel out there to your target audience. Quick tip: make sure the influencers that you collaborate with have a following that is as close to your target audience as possible. This is the most effective way to gain more fans for your podcast.

If you believe that it takes money to make money, I suggest running ads for your podcast. There are so many great podcasts out there, but people don’t know about them! Find your demographic and bring your podcast to them. Once you have consistent listeners to go along with your great content, you will be able to monetize your podcast! We will talk about this in another post. Until then, let me know how your podcast promotion efforts are going in the comments below!

Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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