If you’re like me, you can be cheap when it comes to things that aren’t a sure thing. Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur paying for advertising can be a scary thing. I recently thought about promoting my Twitter chat via Facebook and the $9 total really had me contemplating my decision. Granted $9 isn’t a lot, but how many people were actually going to like the page and follow the chat account, then actually participate in the Twitter chat? Those were questions that needed answers for me. I am not the world’s biggest fan of wasting money.

I have a business associate you spent a decent amount of money on non-targeted ads. I couldn’t believe he wasted perfectly good advertising dollars like that! Advertising is truly a gamble, however, if it is exposure that you’re after advertising might be the best way to go. Facebook ads are highly talked about because they actually get the job done at a low price. My reach was around 4,000 at just $9. Imagine if I wasn’t so tight and willing to expand and strategically target my reach for double that. I’d have a lot of exposure right? Would people actually click on the ad is my thing. If I’m paying, I want clicks and likes… the whole nine!

If you’re the frugal type, I suggest budgeting for advertising. Don’t do Twitter ads because you’ll suffer from anxiety after that gamble! Facebook ads are the best route to go. Ads appear on both Facebook and Instagram, and if you did it right your target audience will see what you put out there. Are they going to click and purchase or subscribe? That all depends on your ad and if they care enough not to scroll past it. Your ad needs to be eye-catching and captivating for the results that you want.

A Chick-fil-A ad on Instagram changed the way I view advertising. It was legit a regular photo with Chick-fil-A products in the photo as well. I thought it was a post from one of my followers until I spotted the chicken sandwich and the sponsored tab underneath. That’s how an ad is supposed to be. Your target audience should feel like it’s a typical photo of interest and then ta-da it’s your product or service!

When you’re starting out, there’s nothing wrong with a $5 or $10 ad. It won’t break the bank, and you’ll get some exposure, right? For those of you who are more risky, you might find great success in spending $50 or more on social media advertising. Either way, don’t get out of hand with your advertising expenses. You want to create a budget that allows you to control your profits and grow your business from it. Leave a comment below if you’ve paid for advertising before!



Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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