The One Skill You Can’t Succeed in Communications Without

People just don’t overachieve or even averagely achieve these days… and why? How many of you started in marketing and communications with actual passion and the determination to bring value? I’d say we all did. Communicators are probably the most passionate people on this planet. We don’t do things just because, we do them because […]

Which Is Better? Amplification vs. Applause

If you don’t like my pictures on the gram, we can’t be friends! Maybe my Gen X and above readers won’t understand this, but likes have become such a big deal to people that it ruins actual friendships and relationships. I dated a guy in college who always liked my pictures prior to dating me, […]

Start Using Hashtags on Instagram!

I’m over it. I’m entirely over it. Too many brands are failing to follow this major key to instagram success. If you’re building an account, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be using hashtags in your captions! Save the excuses. There is simply too much research out there that shows how effective using […]

Companies Need More Black Leaders in Marketing

How can companies effectively tell the story of Black people across the globe and market to that demographic in a respectful way? It starts with the leadership. From the C-Suite down, it is imperative that color is implemented on the employment roster. It is not enough to have one Black marketer who is not a […]

Why All Marketing and Communications Majors Need Cultural Studies Courses

Marketing and communications teams at companies across the globe are not all black. After doing some research myself, I noticed that a lot of firms might have an asian or a middle eastern person, but no color. This means that non-black individuals are often charged with telling the story of someone who doesn’t look like […]

Stop Being Racist: My Thoughts on Insensitive Advertising ft. Dove and H&M

Referring to a Black person as a monkey is racist, right? If you answered that question out loud or in your head you probably said “duh”. While the concept seems obvious enough for us to grasp, global retailer H&M didn’t get the memo. Apparently, their marketing team thought that the picture below was appropriate to […]

Advertising on a Budget

If you’re like me, you can be cheap when it comes to things that aren’t a sure thing. Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur paying for advertising can be a scary thing. I recently thought about promoting my Twitter chat via Facebook and the $9 total really had me contemplating my decision. Granted $9 isn’t […]

How to Promote Your Podcast

I wrote a post on how podcasting can boost your brand months ago. After conducting more research on the art of podcasting, I decided to create my own show and entertain my audience on another platform. . . you know, put this good ol’ communications degree to work! I am currently in the production stages […]

Don’t Fall Victim to Marketing Myopia

I was recently driving downtown in my city and noticed a white Corvette with a license plate that read “dream car”. It piqued my interest because, to me, a Corvette is a pretty generic sports car. It got me thinking about our dreams and plans. We often stick to what we think we can achieve […]

Creating Social Media Engagement

As the interim president of the Delta Gamma chapter of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, I created a month long social media challenge to engage sorority sisters across the country in celebrating our organization during our Founders month. I created this challenge because of the importance of social media engagement. Many of our local target audience do […]