Let’s Get This Story Started: How to Successfully Pitch Your Story

One of my clients is the owner of an entertainment and lifestyle public relations agency with a star-studded client list. His ability to take brands to the next level is truly inspiring. In our first consultation, he admitted a deep, dark secret to me that many of you also share. He hates pitching.

Perhaps we all feel a sense of anxiety come over us after we’ve typed up our pitch, read over it carefully five or six times and clicked on the send button. The dread behind pitching to the media is completely curable. Although paying me is my client’s cure (and would make an effective cure for you as well), you can successfully land more pitches with peace of mind by implementing my top 3 secrets.

#1 – Know who you’re pitching to.

You don’t have to be a producer’s or editor’s best friend, sorority sister or next door neighbor to get on tv or in a magazine. If you understand their audience, their publication/show and their style of “play”, you can effectively craft a pitch that they can’t refuse… or maybe they can if you don’t follow the next secret.

#2 – Acknowledge the timing.

We all know better than to pitch a Christmas segment in the dead of Spring. Timing isn’t always that obvious, though. You can almost always successfully pitch a story when the timing is spot on! Before I joined the PR world, a professional friend and agency owner told me to always keep holidays and observances in mind when planning media relations. Never force it, but always look for genuine ways to incorporate a popular and relevant topic with your brand.

#3 – Don’t overdo it.

Stop sending people essays on why you need to be on their show. Producers and editors are busy people. Journalists are the most clear and concise people that I know. Actually, I know a few lawyers who are very matter of fact as well. The point is, giving them the key details instead of a long monologue will increase your chances of getting your pitch read, understood and accepted.

Don’t believe me? Try these tips out for yourself. If you’re still a little nervous, never fear your favorite freelancer is here! I’m available to assist with your media relations needs while you develop more confidence in your pitching abilities.


Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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