(Storytime) Why I Started This Blog

I started this WordPress during my junior year of college. I had done some research on online portfolios for communications majors and found this amazing portfolio from a recent LSU grad. Her page inspired me to house my own public relations, journalism, and marketing work on a website! During my senior year, I took my […]

Don’t Fall Victim to Marketing Myopia

I was recently driving downtown in my city and noticed a white Corvette with a license plate that read “dream car”. It piqued my interest because, to me, a Corvette is a pretty generic sports car. It got me thinking about our dreams and plans. We often stick to what we think we can achieve […]

Why You Should Promote Your Brand Using Multiple Social Media Outlets

I was recently helping a friend brand her new business venture. From the sounds of her goals, I was extremely excited about the empire my friend has the potential to build. There was one thing that struck me in a negative way during our conversation. She only wanted to concentrate her promotion through instagram. I […]