(Storytime) Why I Started This Blog

I started this WordPress during my junior year of college. I had done some research on online portfolios for communications majors and found this amazing portfolio from a recent LSU grad. Her page inspired me to house my own public relations, journalism, and marketing work on a website!

During my senior year, I took my advisor’s social media course and learned so much about branding myself on another level. His idea was for me to blog to show off my writing skills and my knowledge on WordPress and LinkedIn. I’d had blogs before. In high school, I started a hip hop blog to showcase up and coming artists (this is when I wanted to be a radio DJ). However, his idea showed me that I could really take my career to the next level by blogging!

When potential employers viewed my site, they got to see so much more than my portfolio. This blog gave potential employers the chance to “know” me. It’s like when we watched YouTube vloggers. We feel like we know them, right? It’s the same with blogging. People “hear” your voice and feel your passion in your writing. I landed the job I wanted directly out of college because of this blog.

A lot of people ask me what’s next?… A lot is coming next! I am in the middle of a few projects, and I’m in the research stage of my new business venture. None of this would be possible without my faithful readers and social media family! I can’t thank you all enough for liking my posts, interacting with me, and coming back weekly to see what’s new. If you don’t have a blog, I encourage you to create one. If you’re not the world’s greatest writer, take up YouTube or develop a podcast. Your story deserves to be heard. Believe me when I say that there are people out there who could greatly benefit from your knowledge.¬†Starting my blog was such a great idea. That simple concept has turned into a full on communications plan for my growing brand, and I couldn’t be more excited!



Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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