If you haven’t downloaded my eBook guide, you should do so immediately if you are a college student preparing to dive into the job market soon. If you are a recent grad, the advice is still helpful as well. The tips and advice in the guide are things that I personally did to land the job I wanted directly after graduation.

When we talk about getting a job, we’re talking about branding ourselves. The book is just the beginning stage, there will be another eBook out this winter with the next steps toward landing your dream job out of college. It is a long process but the time will go by so quickly. If you’re wondering how to brand yourself for your dream job as a recent grad. Here are my top tips for you!

  1. Create a strategy. You can’t go into the job search blindly. Look at your resume and come up with an industry where your experience compliments possible positions. For example, I had experience in higher education marketing so I applied for jobs in higher ed specifically and my resume reflected that.
  2. Gain more experience. The worse thing you can do during your job search is nothing at all. If your resume could use some work, find an opportunity to add to it. Volunteer or intern for a company. Do something impactful to make you a strong candidate for employment.
  3. Ask for help. You can’t do this alone. Ask people in your prospective field what they would like to see from an ideal candidate. Take advice and implement it into your job search.
  4. Get back on LinkedIn. You need to be building your network every day in hopes of making the right connection that will land you the job you want. Linkedin is also a great place to apply for jobs! The best thing is that you can apply with your LinkedIn profile most of the time which saves time and allows them to see a whole profile rather than a one page resume. Make sure your profile is an “all-star” so they can get a great perception of your experience and skills overall.

The job search process is so crazy and I know it can be tough. With the tips in the eBook as well as these quick tips in this post, you should land more interviews and hopefully nail the job of your dreams. These are just a few things that I did to get to where I am today. I did a lot more though, so follow the blog to learn more about branding yourself for your future success!



Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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