How to Brand Yourself for Employment

If you haven’t downloaded my eBook guide, you should do so immediately if you are a college student preparing to dive into the job market soon. If you are a recent grad, the advice is still helpful as well. The tips and advice in the guide are things that I personally did to land the […]

How to Start a Professional Portfolio in College

The fall semester is kicking off very shortly. It is easy to lose focus of the bigger picture when you’re juggling classes, partying, and participating in the things you love. You cannot afford to forget the real reason you are in college! Getting a job after college is not easy. The only way to obtain […]

How to ACE Your First Year of College

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely entering your freshman year of college. Congratulations on your new journey! College is such an exciting, yet critical time. I remember back to the summer before I entered freshman year. I read books on how to succeed as a college student. I was determined to excel… and […]

How to Thrive as a Marketing/Communications Major

It’s almost time for first semester to begin! Whether you’re a first year or a graduating senior, you can definitely benefit from reading this post and implementing the following suggestions. When I attended college, I hit the ground running. It was my goal to learn as much as I could and look great on paper […]

4 Tips for Interning in College

As a graduating senior in college, I feel more than qualified to share my advice on interning while in college. I have held a few internship and volunteer opportunities during my tenure at Jackson State University. Now that I’m facing the world of resumes and job applications, I can fully vouch for the idea that […]