How to Use #LinkedIn as a College Student

Most people find LinkedIn irrelevant to their lifestyles. Most professionals can get a pass when it comes to their decision to opt-out of using LinkedIn. As a college student, it is more imperative for you to find ways to promote yourself to potential employers, graduate admissions counselors, and other game changers. LinkedIn allows you to do that in a simple, organized, and innovative way. While in college, my peers would often ask me to do their pages for them and help them get started on the path to social media networking. As a general guide, I’ve provided my tips for using LinkedIn successfully.

  1. List your information. The number one mistake that college students make on their profiles is not including all of the necessary information. You want your profile to be informative and show who you are as a whole. Add everything from your activities, volunteer experiences, job experiences, and add a catchy headline. Also, make sure your photo is professional! BONUS TIP: Create a nice LinkedIn banner using Canva to showcase your personal brand.
  2. Add alumni. LinkedIn users who have something in common with you are more likely to connect with you. This is helpful in your networking efforts and can help you find a job or get great advice. My mentor’s childhood friend is a marketing executive in a large city and because of our shared connection, she gave me valuable career advice during my senior year of college.
  3. Post blogs. If you’re a good writer, blog about your industry using the LinkedIn platform. This allows potential employers and your connections to see what you know about your industry. It also shows that you’re passionate about the field and want to learn more as well as inform others. There’s nothing better than a passionate employee with initiative!
  4. Engage with your connections. I know it can be difficult to update your page and stay active on a consistent basis. I, too, have fallen victim to having a not up-to-date page. When you like posts and interact with your connections, you’re building relationships which is what LinkedIn is all about anyway!

There are so many great things about LinkedIn that weren’t mentioned in this post. Once you start navigating LinkedIn, you’ll find the features that are right for you. I hope these tips help you establish a growing network!


Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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  1. True. LinkedIn is a great social media if you use it correctly – but then again, I guess most big social media sites are. I prefer to narrow on a few, such as WordPress and Instagram. Lately I’ve been upping the scale on Youtube as well. While I have a LinkedIn profile, I don’t spend too much time on it – I filled out everything, but don’t spend more than a couple of hours on it a week. Whereas I spend multiple hours on both Instagram and WordPress daily. Where you put your attention is where you get engagement I guess. But great pointers if you feel that LinkedIn is the place to pour your attention into :o)


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