Many businesses and brands participated in #BlackoutTuesday on June 2, 2020. This marked a moment of solidarity across the globe on social media and digital platforms. As this moment of silence is regarded as solidarity, silence outside of this digital protest is beyond inappropriate. This is especially the case for brands with Black audiences. If you’re wondering how you can support your audience while taking a stand against racism in America, here’s a list of options to choose from:

Say something.

It is not enough to release a cookie cutter press statement. Let your disgust for racism shine through in your communications with your audience. Ben and Jerry’s launched a powerful statement that other brands should view as the right way to denounce racism in America. Silence is compliance! If you choose to not address this, you should take a deep look inside of yourself and your company’s leadership.

Hire more Black people at the senior-level.

Posting about anti-racism is one thing, but is your company living it? If your company’s leadership is all-white, that’s a problem! Your brand is not inclusive and diverse. Are you truly against racism if your company’s employees are homogenous in appearance? Discuss within.

Do your research.

Educating your team is a great way to acknowledge and understand racism within your organization and beyond. Racial bias is a real thing. All too often some of your own employees display racist behavior on the job. Don’t pacify it. Don’t disregard it. Address it with education and open dialogue! Oh, and fire the racists!

Launch a digital comment box.

Maybe influencers have shunned your partnerships with good reason. Have you truly been inclusive in your marketing efforts? Now is the time to start the conversation with Black influencers and customers. Hear their concerns and work to address them promptly.

Donate to the cause.

Change starts with us, but laws have to be passed and enforced that protect Black Americans from police brutality and racism. Donate to political organizations that seek justice for Black Americans.

Remember, silence is compliance. Your brand should reflect true diversity and inclusion both internally and externally. Do the research. Speak out against racism. Support Black America.

Published by Keiana Holleman

Proud HBCU alumna with a degree in communications seeking to change the world through writing, marketing, and social media!

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